Technical Progress 2019

A follow-up team created to oversee work progress on weekly basis of Council roads guided by the Ministerial text of February 2019 (MINMAP). The team is  made up of the Mayor who is the chairperson ,Kumba II Council Engineer, the Development Officer and the Town Planner of kumba II Council and the Engineer from the Divisional Delegation of public Works kumba.

Road work (rehabilitation)

Road work (rehabilitation) pulletin to Fongong quarter with a bridge under the construction with

Problem: Road is cut off during the rainy season due to water overflowing its banks

Solution: To ease and constinues flow of persons and goods all year round from Pulletin to Forgong quarter. Source of Funding is BIP 2018


80% Complete

The cleanup of cow water

The road at farm road and the cleanup

Problem: Numerous floods during the wet season since water passage is blocked.

Solution: Clean up of the water way to ease flow of water and reduce floods through direct labour.

It is under 2019 Public Investment Budget.

95% Complete

Farm road street (rehabilitation)

Problem: The street is of a deplorable condition.

Solution: To ease the movement of persons and goods. The job started on the 26/June/2019.

Road from Congelcam to star light kossala

Problem: Road under deplorable conditions and poor access during wet season.

Challenges and lessons learnt


-Amba boys disturbs work calendar.

-Limited financial means to enable movement and work control.

Lessons learnt/way forward

Provision of financial means to the control team for mobility, calls, internet and write ups.


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